Introducing my New Gallery Wall Collection

A curated range of prints offering maximum effect for minimal effort. 

Have you ever looked at gallery walls in glossy magazines and perfectly curated Instagram or Pinterest images and thought, I’d love to do that! But how? Well, you’re not alone. So many people adore the effortless (yet ‘oh so’ curated!) look of a gallery wall, but not many are brave enough to attempt to pull one off themselves. That’s why I am thrilled to be launching my new Gallery Wall collection which does all the hard work for you from the print selection right through to framing and wall placement. 


When it came to selecting the works and piecing the collections together, I was so happy to receive expert advice from one of Australia’s best interior designers, Lisa Hunter. Known for her très chic colour palettes and effortlessly cool style, Lisa did a fabulous job co-curating this collection with me and they turned out better than I could have imagined! I hope my Gallery Wall collection inspires you to inject some colour into your home by taking a leap of faith and committing to your very own gallery wall arrangement! Here’s my top tips to help you along… 


 Gallery Wall #1


Where do gallery walls work best?

I absolutely love gallery walls in wide hallways, large entrances, above a buffet, sideboard, sofa, bed - anywhere there’s space! Just be mindful of the space above, below and to the sides of your gallery wall arrangement. Whilst the prints by nature are supposed to be placed close together, it’s important to allow for space around the cluster of prints. This creates impact and ensures the gallery wall looks considered not cluttered. 


How do I hang the Gallery Wall?

When in doubt, call a professional! An installer or trusted handyman (or handywoman!) will know best. If you’re keen to DIY, have a measuring tape and pencil handy to get your spacing right and be sure to follow ourhanging templates online.


How do I style a gallery wall?

As you can see in our images, gallery walls work wonderfully above surfaces that can be styled. Fresh flowers and a vase or chosen ornament either side of the arrangement helps to frame the setting and gives a look of completion, balance and homeliness.



Gallery Wall #2


Stuck for what colours to style with? Find inspiration in the prints! Pick two or three colours from your Gallery Wall collection and use them sparingly in the room you're styling. If adding more colour isn’t your preference, stay neutral with whites and natural tones. 


I hope you love my first two Gallery Wall collections as much as I do. Happy styling! 


KJ xx

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