Balancing art with wallpaper and wall colour

We recently moved into our new home which we had been renovating for most of 2020.

I've been sharing a few photos of various rooms on my Instagram lately and there's one room in particular that everyone has been loving... my bedroom!
With the expert advice of my interior designer Kristel Joy Marshall of Studio Joy I decided to go fairly bold with the wallpaper choice. In the end I chose this monochromatic cheetah / jungle print from Natty and Polly Wallpaper which contrasts beautifully against the colours in the print. 

One question that I'm often asked is, because my prints are so colourful do you need a plain white wall in order to hang them? And as you can see in this photo the answer is... no! 

This print is called Wishing for Summer and it comes in a square 30cm x 30cm print either rolled flat for $129 or framed in white, black or raw Victorian Ash for $249. If you're wanting to add it to your home you'll need to select 'A3 size' when ordering both the canvas and the framing.

You could also hang any of my prints on a colour feature wall to bring out one of the colours in the print, just like in You Make Loving Fun on my website, pictured below. You can do this by pairing soft palettes with darker hues of the same colour, or contrasting bold colour to black and white or neutrals. When in doubt, I browse through Pinterest to see what I like - or call on the expert opinions of an interior designer!

Happy styling! 
KJ x