How to Introduce Colour into Your Home?

How to introduce colour into your home? 

I love colour, can’t you tell?! However, I also understand it can be slightly nerve racking bringing bright and bold pinks and yellows into the home. 

What works? What doesn’t? Will it fit the decor of the living room? Is fluorescent pink too bright for the bedroom? 

When it comes to art, there are no right or wrong answers - I’ll just be offering what I personally think works. So if you’re a little confused, I’m here to help! 

For the bedroom: 

In my opinion, the bedroom should be a calm environment, I recommend pastel colours to create a relaxing atmosphere. Light pinks, peach, coral, whites and undertones of emerald green and midnight blue are perfect compositions for the place you sleep in. 

Example: 'Hope' 

Calm and soothing, this piece evokes a relaxed energy with its composition of pastel and undertones of dark green and blue. View on the website. 


Example: 'Love tunes' 

Another great piece to have in the bedroom is 'Love tunes', whilst this piece isn't using pastels and undertones, the brightness is layered with white, giving it a softer finish, creating a light and cheerful piece to wake up to. View on the website. 


For the living room: 

I believe art should mimic the mood of a room (or the mood you want to create). For example, pick yellow if you are looking to create a welcoming and cheerful mood. Pick orange if you want to create an energetic atmosphere, dark blue if you’d prefer a moody setting and greens for an abundant and fresh mood. 


Example of a 'warm and welcoming' piece: 'Summer series #2'

Warm, sun-filled and welcoming. 'Summer series #2' takes you straight to a sunny day with its lemon yellows and baby blue. View on the website. 


Example of a 'moody' piece: 'Blue tango series' 

Deep and blue, this 'moody' artwork is full of depth and can change the feel of a space instantaneously. The 'Blue tango series' works incredibly well with a neutral and modern space. View on the website. 


Example of an 'energetic' piece: 'Summer in the tropics' 

Vibrant and full of life, this splash filled artwork is colourful, energetic and excited, with bright orange, fluorescent pink, lemon yellow, sky blue and emerald green. View on the website. 


Example of an 'abundant' piece: 'Revitalise series' 

'Revitalise series' exerts an abundant and rich energy, full of emerald green, with tones of baby pink. View on the website.


In the end, you should pick what you love, rather than trying to pick what will perfectly fit the decor and colours of the space. Art is meant to make your heart sing - so if there is a piece you really love than go for that!

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