What They're Saying About Kirsten

From Home Beautiful:

Her bright artworks are as contagiously bubbly as Kirsten herself, who still equates painting with peace.

She likens walking into her studio to breezing through a yoga class. “I love my studio,” she says of the fresh white space, which provides a tranquil backdrop for her vibrant pieces. “My breathing changes and I get that ‘ahhh’ feeling. It’s like my meditation.”

The Artist Collective

ele HOME invites three of Australia’s most interesting artists to chat about what inspires their creative journey.

Women's Health: Our Kinda Girl... Kirsten Jackson

After losing both her parents by the time she was a teen, Kirsten Jackson turned to running and creating art for comfort.

Home Beautiful: Happiness on a Canvas

After losing her mother, Melbourne painter Kirsten Jackson found refuge in creating joy-sparking art bursting with colour.

Style Curator: Artist Spotlight

"Something I didn't realize as a new artist is it takes many years for successful artists to create 'that look' and a lot of mistakes, learning and experimenting along he way."

Business Chicks: How Self-Taught Artist Kirsten Jackson Found Her Passion

"There was this gallery in Melbourne, and the guy who owns it is lovely and I went in with my paintings and he was like, ‘No, no, no… I like one centimetre of this one million-centimetre painting; can you do it like that?’ So I kept going back to him, over two years with this painting and eventually, he goes, ‘Oh, my god, I love it!’ So he started selling my work."

What Comes First: Artwork or Accessories?

I the dining room, the art is a huge ‘Happy Face’ painting by Kirsten Jackson. This piece is extremely vibrant, large and bold so I have made this the focus and kept the rest of the styling pared back with a few pops of colour to link the painting to the room.