How Artwork Empowers

The impact of art expands far beyond what we see. Art helps us to understand the world and has the ability to influence entire communities, movements and the Universal frequency.

It has been proven time and time again how art appreciation can improve your quality of life and elevate your mood. Art can help you to process emotions and develop a greater sense of who you are.

The reason I continuously paint every single day is because of how it makes me feel and the art makes others feel. I love creating work that’s inspiring, energising and makes your soul leap with joy - to me this is everything.

When a collector comes in to purchase a piece of artwork, I am so grateful for the fact that they have created space in their life for a piece of happiness. I am reminded of the love and support we naturally emanate as human beings. Seeing a painting in its new home is like seeing your child make a friend, satisfying, beautiful and peaceful.

Watching a collector choose a piece is both fascinating and timely. Whilst artwork is chosen for a variety of reasons, including aesthetic, mood, texture, it seems the right piece is always created for them. Collectors play a huge role in the empowerment of artists, sharing a connection from creation to home.

Next time you see a piece of art, ask yourself: how does it make me feel? Mindfully allow your spirit to guide your answer, there is no right or wrong.

Art is beautiful, wonderful and sparks empowerment far beneath the surface where your spirit and soul lie.

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