Prints & originals in every size, hung at any orientation!

I'm all about offering flexibility when it comes to my art. Can't find the dimensions you need? No problem! Just ask me for a print (or an original) in the custom dimensions you desire. The choices on my website are the most frequently requested sizes, all other dimensions are possible if you ask! ✨



This is 120 x 90cm, my personal favourite size for behind a bed. This piece is called "Because I Love You More Than The World", click to shop now. 



Bigger is better behind a sofa! I love a large 150cm x 120cm, perfect for behind a 2 or 3 seater couch. View this print called "Be Mine Forever and Ever" online. 



Above a console, a gallery wall is perfect for that desirable homely and curated lookShop this gallery wall. 



This is a 180 x 140cm piece that fills a blank space along a long wall perfectly. Art can really help to section a room effectively. Shop this piece of art called "Sunshine". 

Which way do I hang this piece? 

On the topic of flexibility, I often get asked by my buyers, "Which way should I hang this art?" Part of the reason why I paint in the style that I do is because I love leaving my subject completely open to interpretation. For example, if I paint a piece vertically, you might choose to hang it landscape because it makes more sense to you that way or suits your room better - and I love that! 

I'm also fully aware that the room you place a piece in initially might change over time, you might move homes and your favourite artwork might need to go from horizontal to vertical to fit into that perfect nook! I LOVE that you can hang my art at any orientation and it still provides the same impact. 

Here's an example of the same piece, hung two different ways. Shop "A Love Like This" now.


So remember that the only rule is there are no rules! and if you ever want to ask me a question about artwork dimensions or what piece will fit nicely in your space - I'm only a call or an email away! 

KJ xx 

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