No two of my paintings are ever the same. So here’s a chance to own a little slice of joy just for you!
You can view my original paintings at Art2Muse (Double Bay), Retrospect Galleries (Byron Bay), Thirteen 05 Gallery (Daylesford) and, of course, in my Sandringham
showroom. Or follow me around the world at the Affordable Art Fair in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brussels, Stockholm and New York or Luxembourg’s Art Fair.
My pieces tend to be in high demand. So to avoid disappointment, do feel free to reach out to me as soon as you spy something you simply must have.
If you're interested in any of these paintings, please get in touch.
love you more summer series 153cm x 153cm
happy me series 123cm x 153cm
a summer to remember 1 123cm x 123cmA summer to remember 1
a summer to remember 2 123cm x 123cm
kisses under the stars 163cm x 123cm
monochrome love series 155cm x 105cm
always with you 153cm x 123cm
days in the sun #2 123cm x 93cm
a summer romance 123cm x 93cm
California sun 2 123cm x 93cm
California sun 1 123cm x 93cm(sold)
Palm Springs 2 153cm x 123cm(sold)
summer days in love 123cm x 153cm
Palm Springs series 143cm x 143cm
blue tango series #8 163cm x 123cm
falling for you 183cm x 123cm(sold)
Made this for you 153cm x 123cm(sold)
 1love you more series 153cmx153cm(sold)
new moon 163cm x 123cm
now and forever series 183cm x 153cm(sold)
remember summer 103cm x 103cm
"Wild @ heart series" 163cm x 123cm(sold)
"Always with you" 153cm x 123cm(sold)
"Dancing free" 153cm x 123cm(sold)
"Blue tango series" 163cm x 123cm(sold)
feel like summer 1  93cm x 123cm
"Feels like summer 2" 93cm x 123cm(sold)
Days in the sun 123cm x 93cm(sold)
Forever in love with you 153cm x 123cm(sold)
Summer days in love 153cm x 123cm(sold)
Happy collection 123cm x 93cm(sold)
"Pastel love" 155cm x 125cm, framed in natural oak (sold)

"A summer love story" 153cm x 123cm, framed in natural oak(sold)

"Forever in love with summertime" 163cm x 123cm, framed in black shadow box (sold)

Loving you is easy 156cm x 130cm (SOLD)
Forever 153cm x 123cm  (sold)
Dare to dream 153cm x 123cm (sold)
A new love 123cm x 93cm (sold)
"Love you too much" 183cm x 123cm(sold)
Our love story 153cm x 103cm (SOLD)
Always, Kirsten Jackson
Always, 153cm x 123cm (SOLD)
Tango In The Night, 153cm x 123cm
Tango in the Night, 153cm x 123cm (sold)
Loving Is Easy
Loving is Easy, 153cm x 123cm (SOLD)
Dancing in Summer
Dancing in Summer, 153cm x 123cm (sold)
Tango in the Night
Blue Tango, 143cm x 123cm (sold)
Love You More series
Love You More series, 153cm x 153cm (SOLD)